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Hello, everyone. I'm the great "The Cozburger", here to welcome you to what will (eventually) become an awesome website, which shall henceforth be known as the "Coramaximus Web-arena". So far, it only has one or two things, but as time goes on, I'm hopeful that this will be come a force of web entertainment awesome.

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Ok, well, it's me, again, bringing you (along with too many commas) the latest in awesome news.

...or I would if I had any...

Nothing's happening, and it looks like it's going to stay that way, for a while. Unless New Year somehow brings tidings of motivation, it looks like there will be sporadic updates, at best, and not many, if at all.

I'd like to thank anyone out there that has come to visit, and hope you've enjoyed what little I've given you. Hopefully, next year, I can bring out some new stuff (and use twitter/facebook/etc to get it out there).

Here's to you, 2009.

Last 5 updates...

The Awesome Ramjet

Hey guys. Just wanted to let everybody know that my domain expires in 9 days. I probably won't be renewing with bluehost, so it might be gone for good...


By The Cozburger, on Tue 03/09/13 at 01:12 AEST

The Awesome Ramjet

Hey, all (i.e. NOONE!). It's been ages since I've done anything, and I wanted to just let you all (read: NOONE!) know what's happening. I'm not sure w...


By The Cozburger, on Wed 17/07/13 at 15:05 AEST

The Awesome Ramjet

Well, I haven't posted anything here for a while - no one really comes here, anyway, but I thought I'd put up the obligatory New Year's post. It's 201...


By The Cozburger, on Mon 09/01/12 at 19:32 AEST

The Awesome Ramjet

We are joined to mourn the loss of 2011. That poor year will never have another day, no more future, it is dead and gone. 2011, you will be sorely mis...


By Ryan The Great, on Sun 01/01/12 at 19:33 AEST

The Awesome Ramjet

Well, this is a fine thing! Because of a recent spout of spam - a whopping 2GB worth - I have no choice but to close the GeoWeasel wiki. I'm sorry to ...


By The Cozburger, on Wed 20/04/11 at 01:26 AEST

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